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Email Policy and Terms

Email Policy and Terms

Email Policy and Terms

Email is a critical communication channel that links customers and the organization of IUX Markets. Therefore, this email policy and terms are designed to ensure understanding and transparency in email usage, focusing on comprehension of terms and usage for everyone to practice appropriately.

Email Terms of IUX Markets

  1. Business Communication via Email: Email communication will be used for business purposes only, such as sending information about products or services, special offers, or notifications about service changes.
  2. Privacy and Data Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of data transmitted via email. Therefore, appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to information.
  3. Personal Data Usage: We will use personal data received only as necessary to provide services and will not disclose or use it without consent from the data owner.
  4. Legal Compliance: We will comply with laws related to email communication and follow the orders and regulations of governing bodies.
  5. Changes and Updates: We reserve the right to change or update the email policy as necessary and will notify about significant changes using appropriate channels.
  6. Additional Contact: For any questions or concerns about the email policy or email usage from us, customers can contact through any IUX Markets channel.

Scope of Email Policy

This email policy establishes guidelines and rules for email usage within the organization of IUX Markets and applies to the following groups:

  1. Internal Employees: Everyone who is a member of IUX Markets, including employees at all positions, must adhere to this email policy for email communication related to the organization’s work or activities.
  2. Contracted Personnel: Individuals with contracts related to IUX Markets, such as business partners or collaborators, must comply with email usage rules and terms as outlined in this policy.
  3. External Contacts: Individuals who are not members of IUX Markets but have email contact with individuals within the organization, such as customers, partners, or supporters, will be impacted by this email policy and have rights and responsibilities as per the rules and terms specified.

Email Security Policy

At IUX Markets, we understand the importance of protecting data and trust. Therefore, we are committed to prioritizing email security to prevent intrusions and data breaches.

  1. Appropriate Email Encryption Techniques: We use suitable email encryption techniques while transmitting data via email to ensure the security of our data in transit.
  2. Configuration/Spam Prevention Rules Organization-Wide: We have configured and utilize stringent spam prevention rules organization-wide to reduce spam emails and dangerous attacks.
  3. Access Limitation: Data access is restricted to individuals who require it and have the necessary rights to access, preventing disclosure to unrelated individuals. Necessity to Report Suspicious Emails: We encourage users to report suspicious emails or those that may pose security risks to enable us to take appropriate and swift action.
  4. Creating Awareness: Email users should receive training and guidance on the importance of maintaining data confidentiality. Otherwise, they may not understand the risks of inappropriate data disclosure.