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Terms and conditions for 35% deposit bonus

Terms and conditions for 35% deposit bonus

Terms and conditions for 35% deposit bonus

1. General terms

1.1 35% deposit bonus is determined under this document.

1.2 35% deposit bonus will be under this document which is different from a $30 account
opening bonus. This document is used for a 35% deposit bonus.

1.3 In order to receive a 35% bonus, you need to be verified.

1.4 35% deposit bonus can only be received maximum$300 per 1 user

1.5 35% deposit bonus is non-withdrawable.

1.6 35% deposit bonus can be used in trading and withdrawing the profits under “Conditions to Use the Promotions”

1.7 The company reserves the right to not give the 35% deposit bonus as follows:

  • 1.7.1 Those who did not verify with the company
  • 1.7.2 Those who verified, but the confirmation is not complete as required by the company.
  • 1.7.3 Those who already received the bonus.
  • 1.7.4 Those who use others’ information to open an account and verify.
  • 1.7.5 Those who violated the terms and conditions of the company and clients who are likely to cause damage to the company as the company deems appropriate.
  • 1.7.6 Those who own Standard, Raw, and Pro accounts.

2. Conditions to Use the Promotion

2.1 35% deposit bonus can be used in trading as usual.

2.2 35% deposit bonus can be used with a $30 account opening bonus and balance as usual.

2.3 35% deposit bonus can be withdrawn through profits. In the event that the balance is greater than credit, the bonus amount will be withdrawn in the amount equal to the amount

2.4 For 35% deposit bonus, when the balance is being withdrawn; in case the credit amount is greater than the balance, the bonus will be withdrawn in 1:1 ratio of the withdrawal amount.

3. Risk Warning

3.1 Users should carefully consider when trading, even if the bonus funds can be used as benefits.

3.2 Users should be well-aware about the risks in the CFDs market. Though users have bonus funds benefits, users should trade with caution. The company will not be responsible for the carelessness of users.

4. Terms of Eligibility

4.1 This offer is available to the IUX MARKETS in accordance with its terms and other business policies without prejudice. Customers who meet the eligibility criteria for the offer (“Eligible Customers”) as set forth in the following section hereafter.

4.2 “Trading Bonus Program” may be offered by IUX MARKETS occasionally for clients who open a real trading account with IUX MARKETS. In case such clients are referred to IUX MARKETS via a specific website and/ or social network site in means of some specific promotion and/ or the surveys from IUX MARKETS’s website and/ or social network’s site

4.3 IUX MARKETS offers a “Trading bonus program” to clients and/or countries based on reasonable discretion/area as it deems appropriate and to the extent that IUX MARKETS deems it to be provided.

4.4 Reserved all rights for clients who can comply with a contract that is legally binding only under applicable law in the country in which resides in “Trading bonus program” unlimitedly. Participants in “Trading bonus program” must be above 18 years old or eligible age in countries clients are residing (Minor). If you are minor, you cannot participate in this program

4.5 It is restricted to participate as “middle person/ associated person” in the “Trading bonus program”. If you are registered in the “Trading bonus program” consisting with the registration without limitation, the IP addresses of other participants in the “Trading bonus program”, IUX MARKETS reserves the right to determine whether this match is valid immediately. For purposes herein, the term “middle person/ associated person” when used in these Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise required by the context, includes any person or entity with a relationship with participants in any “Trading Bonus Program”, including without limitation:

  • a.) family members such as brothers, sisters, spouses, ancestors, descendants and collateral offspring;
  • b.) person or legal entity participating in “Trading Bonus Program”, either directly or indirectly through one or more middle people, directly or indirectly. Middleman is controlled by or under regulation with participants in the “Trading Bonus Program”. For purposes herein, the term “controlled” (including the relation of “controlled by” and “under regulations”) as it applies to any conditions.

Participants in “Trading Bonus Program” means ownership whether directly or indirectly by one
or more middleman who has the authority to lead the management policy of a person or legal

4.6 Vice versa, those who associated with IUX MARKETS and/ or specific website and/ or social network website which IUX MARKETS may use promotion occasionally, and/ or the survey in terms of presenting “Trading Bonus Program” will not be allowed to participate.