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Term and Risk Warnings

Term and Risk Warnings

Risk Warnings

Before entering the foreign exchange or stock market, you should be fully aware that risk is the natural event in trading and investing, and must take into account risks and other factors affecting financial volatility. Not only do you increase your capital, but it may cause you to lose all your capital.

Therefore, the clients of IUX MARKETS need to understand the possibility of all risks. Clients need to acknowledge the terms and conditions of products. Including corporate activities that will affect the change in ownership assets. clients must understand that there are risks and factors affecting prices, exchange rates and investment products. The risks mentioned above also include decrease in liquidity, price change, high volatility and out-of-control situations. Before opening a real account, make sure to completely understand all Terms of Use for details as well as the basic principles and rules of the financial markets.

IUX MARKETS will not take responsibility for government regulations, rules of foreign exchange or stock market, military movement, suspension of trading and other events beyond our control.